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Glassblower.Info Amazon book William Morris: Animal/Artifact by James Yood, Tina Oldknow ISBN 0789207036William Morris: Animal/Artifact
By James Yood, Tina Oldknow

Internationally acclaimed for his compelling work in glass, William Morris approaches the demands of glassblowing and glass sculpting with an experimental eye and an innovative hand.
Morris, who lives and works near Seattle, has collaborated with master glassblowers as well as renowned painters and sculptors in making art that is widely admired by artists, sought by collectors, an
For him, glass is an endlessly intriguing material -- fragile yet timeless, preserving the spontaneity of the creative moment unlike any other medium.
In this strikingly handsome volume of recent work, Morris explores themes related to archaeology, animals, and the hunt.

Number of Pages: 275
Shipping Weight: 5.7

ISBN-10: 0789207036
ISBN-13: 978-0789207036

Glassblower.Info Amazon book Mazorca: Objects Of Common Ceremony by William Morris, Isabel Allende, James Yood ISBN 0974420255Mazorca: Objects Of Common Ceremony
By William Morris, Isabel Allende, James Yood

This sumptuous catalogue depicts recent blown-glass works by the glass and bronze sculptor William Morris, which have been crafted to resemble artifacts from a fictive, hybridized, ancient non-Western
Exhibited in collections from 2002 to 2004, these inscrutable idols, masks, figurines, rattles, vases, urns and beads are inspired by the Mesoamerican and Andean peoples of Central and South America,
lose-up photographs reveal detailed texture, brilliant color and expressive body language in the statuettes.
orris's series of idols are especially evocative. A few of them suggest patient suppliants: a crouching figure, his knees drawn up under a yellow tunic, bows his head and cups a small vase like an off

Number of Pages: 167
Shipping Weight: 4.5

ISBN-10: 0974420255
ISBN-13: 978-0974420257

Glassblower.Info Amazon book William Morris: Artifacts/Glass by Gary Blonston, William Morris ISBN 0789201674William Morris: Artifacts/Glass
By Gary Blonston, William Morris

William Morris is one of the most original and daring glass artists in America today.
Taken as a whole, the Artifact series of the past seven years looks like one long and extraordinary archaeological dig.
Inspired by Paleolithic images, Morris says that he creates artifacts that he himself would like to excavate.
is glass sculpture, composed of bold shapes, rich colors, and evocative textures resonates with primordial power.

Number of Pages: 133
Shipping Weight: 2.9

ISBN-10: 0789201674
ISBN-13: 978-0789201676

Glassblower.Info Amazon book William Morris: Man Adorned by Blake Edgar, James Yood, William Morris, Robert Vinnedge ISBN 0295981849William Morris: Man Adorned
By Blake Edgar, James Yood, William Morris, Robert Vinnedge

n this book, artist William Morris celebrates this ancient and universal human quality and continues his exploration of the themes of origin and myth that permeate all his work.
At first glance, these glass sculptures signal a striking departure from Morris's oeuvre of canopic jars, animal vessels, assorted artifacts, and imaginative burial installations.
Here Morris depicts the people only imagined before. He has put flesh on the bones, and covered the bodies with costumes, jewelry, headdresses, and tattoos.
These figures spring forth full of vibrant life in the present, rather than recalling a distant past.

Number of Pages: 150
Shipping Weight: 3.3

ISBN-10: 0295981849
ISBN-13: 978-0295981840

Glassblower.Info Amazon book Contemporary International Glass by Jennifer Hawkins Opie ISBN 1851774262Contemporary International Glass
By Jennifer Hawkins Opie

Works by 60 of the finest contemporary glass artists in the world, from America's Dale Chihuly and William Morris to Britain's Tessa Clegg and Japan's Koichiro Yamamoto,
are brought together in this stylish book. It highlights the huge variety of work, abstract and figurative, being produced in this dynamic art form.
Based on interviews with the artists, the text provides revealing insights into the latest ideas and techniques in glassmaking.
All of the works are from the V&A's unrivaled collection.

Number of Pages: 144
Shipping Weight: 2.0

ISBN-10: 1851774262
ISBN-13: 978-1851774265