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Glassblower.Info Amazon book Venini Glass (Vetri Venini) 2 Volumes by Franco Deboni ISBN 8842215244Venini Glass (Vetri Venini) 2 Volumes
By Franco Deboni

One of the most important changes during the 20th century was the evolution of the decorative arts from the rank of crafts to that of art: glass, today, has duly earned its place in museums, markets a
he extraordinary inventiveness between the end of the 1940s and throughout the 1950s, together with the enormous success enjoyed by Venini design, helped arouse international interest in Venetian glas
New techniques, impossible to imitate, risked consigning the firm's earlier production (from 1925 to the Second World War) undeservingly to the shadows while they placed Venini artworks among the high

Number of Pages: 528
Shipping Weight: 9.9

ISBN-10: 8842215244
ISBN-13: 978-8842215240

Glassblower.Info Amazon book I Vetri di Archimede Seguso: 1950 - 1959 by Rosa Barovier Mentasti ISBN 8842211397I Vetri di Archimede Seguso: 1950 - 1959
By Rosa Barovier Mentasti

Archimede Seguso belongs to that line of gentlemen glass-makers recorded from the early Renaissance until the end of the 18th century, who survived the fall of the Republic of Venice to re-emerge as l
They are gentlemen glass-makers for the respect that they enjoyed and still enjoy in Venetian and Murano society, but above all for their urbanity and cultivation.
In this book, the expert Rosa Barovier Mentasi describes ten years of new masterpieces produced in Murano.
Seventy-four colour plates illustrate some of Seguso's finest works, produced between 1950 and 1959.

Number of Pages: 140
Shipping Weight: 2.2

ISBN-10: 8842211397
ISBN-13: 978-8842211396

Glassblower.Info Amazon book Seguso Vetri D'Arte: Complete Catalogue Since 1933 by Marc Heiremans ISBN 3897901625Seguso Vetri D'Arte: Complete Catalogue Since 1933
By Marc Heiremans

Number of Pages: 300
Shipping Weight:

ISBN-10: 3897901625
ISBN-13: 978-3897901629