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Glassblower.Info Amazon book Venini Glass: Catalogue Raisonne 1921-1986 by Anna Venini Diaz de Santillana ISBN 8881186519Venini Glass: Catalogue Raisonne 1921-1986
By Anna Venini Diaz de Santillana

Venini. Catalogue Raisonné 1921-1986 offers an in-depth account of the involving company history of the glassworks set up by Paolo Venini in 1921 and carried forward by members of the Venini family up
Alongside the comprehensive catalogue containing some 250 descriptions detailing each item produced in over six decades of activity, the book's curator Anna Venini Diaz de Santillana has traced the hi
Napoleone Martinuzzi, Carlo Scarpa, Paolo Venini himself, Tomaso Buzzi, Fulvio Bianconi, and Ludovico Diaz de Santillana.
The careful analysis underlying each critical essay and the breadth of topics covered make this book an invaluable reference work on the creative enterprise and outstanding achievements of Venini & C.

Number of Pages: 320
Shipping Weight: 4.6

ISBN-10: 8881186519
ISBN-13: 978-8881186518

Glassblower.Info Amazon book Venini & the Murano Renaissance - Italian Art Glass of teh 1940s and 1950s by Fifty 50 ISBN Venini & the Murano Renaissance - Italian Art Glass of teh 1940s and 1950s
By Fifty 50

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Glassblower.Info Amazon book Venini international exhibition catalogue for the Smithsonian institution 1981 by  ISBN 0865280126Venini international exhibition catalogue for the Smithsonian institution 1981

Italian art glass since 1921 , Includes timeline of he Venini international up to 1980 plus hundreds of color and black + white images

Number of Pages: 47
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ISBN-10: 0865280126
ISBN-13: 978-0865280120

Glassblower.Info Amazon book Venini Glass (Vetri Venini) 2 Volumes by Franco Deboni ISBN 8842215244Venini Glass (Vetri Venini) 2 Volumes
By Franco Deboni

One of the most important changes during the 20th century was the evolution of the decorative arts from the rank of crafts to that of art: glass, today, has duly earned its place in museums, markets a
he extraordinary inventiveness between the end of the 1940s and throughout the 1950s, together with the enormous success enjoyed by Venini design, helped arouse international interest in Venetian glas
New techniques, impossible to imitate, risked consigning the firm's earlier production (from 1925 to the Second World War) undeservingly to the shadows while they placed Venini artworks among the high

Number of Pages: 528
Shipping Weight: 9.9

ISBN-10: 8842215244
ISBN-13: 978-8842215240