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We are sad to unexpectedly lose a talented and loved member of our tight-knit glass community in Pittsburgh.
We will miss Gary Guydosh. He was a pioneer and the first glass artist to follow his passion and open a glassblowing studio in Pittsburgh. Gallery G Glass opened in 1998 on Carson Street in the South Side. Gary later moved the studio to Lawrenceville on Liberty Avenue. Gary was an inspiration and a teacher, always with an open door to the community. He welcomed others into his studio so that he could share his enthusiasm for glass and encourage others to be moved as he was by the medium.

Gary, owner of Hot Block Tools, was also known amongst glassblowers as a toolmaker. He made blocks, paddles, and custom molds to help other glassblowers shape their creations. His knowledge of glass allowed him to make the best tool for the job and to understand the needs of glassblowers.

Over the years, he focused on learning glass tradition and techniques, specifically classical Italian hand-blown glass and hot sculpture. His latest art combined two of his long loves with glass – steel and nature.  His plant sculptures had an earthy and realistic feel that contrasted with their size and elegance.

We couldn't agree more with Gary's following sentiment:
“Glass is for me the medium which best fits the expression of my innermost feelings. When I approach glass in its fluid state, I am deeply moved. My eyes attentively follow the movement of my medium while it takes shape together with my idea.  Making the glass come to life is no easy task, but all of the difficulties vanish before the pleasure and emotion I feel when fire, which softens and moves forms, lets me reach the ideal dimension where my inner dreams come true. No difficulty can be an obstacle to the expression of the ideas living within me.” 





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