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For those not familiar with the additive process of 3D printing, these are
good starting points: 

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/3D_printing and


lamp 2


Amsterdam Company Combines 3D Printed Metal and Artisanal Glass in Maritime

Amsterdam-based  <http://www.faberhama.com/> Faberhama, a home product
design firm headed by a team of Italian designers, is using state-of-the-art
3D printing technology combined with the time-honored craft of glassblowing
in a new line of maritime-inspired lighting.


Designers Paola Amabile and Alberto Fabbian launched their latest creations
in a campaign they've called " <http://www.faberhama.com/PROJECTS/Dual-Land>
Dual Land," which speaks to the seafaring traditions on the coasts of the
Netherlands, their adopted country, and of their native land, Italy.
Concentrating specifically on Venice and Amsterdam, with the two cities'
centuries-old tradition of seafaring trade, the two designers hoped to evoke
the past, images of the sea and of distant beacons of light beckoning and
guiding vessels to safe harbor. This imagery they fused - quite literally -
with the contemporary manufacturing technique of the 3D printing with metal.


Amabile and Fabbian were intrigued by objects, particularly storm lamps or
hurricane lanterns, in the collection of the
<http://www.zuiderzeemuseum.nl/en/10/home/> Zuiderzee Museum in Enkhuiven,
once a thriving harbor town of the Dutch East India Company. The pragmatism
of the artifacts in the museum is present in the designs in the Dual Land
collection as most have a utilitarian function, but there is also the
distinct stamp of Venetian glass in the artisanal aesthetic of the designs
that infuses Amabile and Fabbian's designs with both whimsy and nostalgia.


The 3D printing technique used to create the metal components of Amabile and
Fabbian's floor lamp and other objects with combined metal and glass
elements is Selective Laser Melting (SLM). With SLM, a high-powered laser
fuses fine metal powders together based on a 3D digital model. It differs
from sintering in that it fully melts and fuses the powder so that the
resulting object is one homogenous part. Sintering is used more often with


In photos on the Faberhama site documenting the production of objects for
the Dual Land collection, this theme of melting and fusing is taken even
further, as one of the metal elements produced with SLM is incorporated into
the molten glass material. There is something almost magical or alchemical
about the photos and, moreover, the way these designers have ingeniously
forged a relationship between revered, traditional craft techniques and
emergent ones.

Other objects in the Dual Land collection feature 3D printed metal elements
introduced more subtly. They reference fish hooks, bubbles, fish scales, the
glass floats from fishing nets, and more. Glass containers nested in glass
containers call to mind the puzzling ships in bottles and overt references
to the maritime life like rope round out the collection. Another nice touch
is the addition of sand to the base of the floor lamp, an inspired detail
that demonstrates just how mindfully these two designers embrace the
creative process.

Let us know what you think of the intersection of maritime inspiration and
glassblowing with high-tech 3D printing techniques in the
lass-with-Metal-3D-Printing> Dual Land forum thread over at 3DPB.com. Check
out more photos of the pieces and process below.









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