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 <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001cB2jmFyMXm2oDp88PC1Tl9q0GogsCL56ZHdzgM26KA3ksvjgRAvBseE6l8c3uk8d9-uPJfD8yvcwG69wHUWGHJYvVIUCBglEXv3GvT1bzOpq4d4C5ammJPIYZZl_W2cD1qETUUMlZ72BxKG586tWli8ctPWShtAaS4dTiHF4AiQ=&c=dZpy-QRc5_4hyEIDxcp9NtOPOlSVXpbcTJ3zEKsdRR_ShUlTXqR91A==&ch=og4w2UWUlHsfLeQuS0dJXtsGVHvSX1chtfuktWjkrL5H9GXD59iyhw==> GoggleWorks logo



GLASS Summer Workshops



  <http://files.ctctcdn.com/d7e46b98001/5154abc7-3caf-486c-86e2-a7cb92db243d.jpg> Embracing new ideas and ways of making is the foundation of our summer workshops. It's a time to be inspired, invigorated and 

challenged both during the course and beyond. Artists of different 

backgrounds, ages and skill levels work together, exchanging ideas with a common goal of learning and growing.


Our workshops are offered in 5-day and 3-day-weekend sessions, covering different disciplines plus high-school student options.  Our instructors are practicing artists of relevance, and many are faculty at prestigious art workshops, colleges and universities.  Their experience and enthusiasm is inspiring, and they highlight a wide range of possibilities for making.



Glass: Hot Glass & Flamework & Kiln Casting

Jewelry & Metalsmithing

Alternative Processes in Photography

Fine Woodworking

Teen Workshops (high-school age students, 13-18)










Learn from Scott Darlington!


5-Day Intensive: Monday, July 27 - Friday, July 31

Sculpting Secrets Revealed: This glass sculpting workshop will use blown and solid core techniques, bit work, fire polish, the garage and teamwork to debunk hot shop myths! 


Scott Darlington is the glass studio manager at Pratt Fine Arts Center. He received his MFA in Glass from Ohio State and his BFA from the Appalachian Center for Crafts. He has worked at Pilchuk Glass School, and as a professor at the Toyama City Institute of Glass in Japan and Bowling Green State University. <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001cB2jmFyMXm2oDp88PC1Tl9q0GogsCL56ZHdzgM26KA3ksvjgRAvBseE6l8c3uk8d9-uPJfD8yvcwG69wHUWGHJYvVIUCBglEXv3GvT1bzOpq4d4C5ammJPIYZZl_W2cD1qETUUMlZ72BxKG586tWli8ctPWShtAaS4dTiHF4AiQ=&c=dZpy-QRc5_4hyEIDxcp9NtOPOlSVXpbcTJ3zEKsdRR_ShUlTXqR91A==&ch=og4w2UWUlHsfLeQuS0dJXtsGVHvSX1chtfuktWjkrL5H9GXD59iyhw==> 




 <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001cB2jmFyMXm2oDp88PC1Tl9q0GogsCL56ZHdzgM26KA3ksvjgRAvBsdCDFlVm7kToYvaGhEXfHcrrpii5BtJP_w1iQUbsag30t_0LN0oYMyXqiyCM9MjXoMMqWnzr-4GENAAVUrD6TWk4UGyU8DijSu2IjSdG7H9_XIlCAeYPuwdbANYyKZ1ZcdwOQIfJ6HPBRQBneaJ6Tq2U99u_9f8NW0OIuhj9vKPF&c=dZpy-QRc5_4hyEIDxcp9NtOPOlSVXpbcTJ3zEKsdRR_ShUlTXqR91A==&ch=og4w2UWUlHsfLeQuS0dJXtsGVHvSX1chtfuktWjkrL5H9GXD59iyhw==> Click here to view all 2015 Summer Workshops offered at GoggleWorks








July Glass Workshops

 Enrollment deadlines: 6/26


Sculpting Secrets Revealed

Scott Darlington

5 days: Monday, July 27 - Friday, July 31



Images in Kiln Glass

Carrie Iverson

Carrie received her BA from Yale and her MFA from the Art Institute of Chicago. She's taught workshops around the country at Pilchuk Glass School and Bullseye Glass Company, and internationally in Scotland, Norway, Switzerland and the UK. Her workshop will focus on incorporating imagery into kiln formed glass using printmaking processes, combining multiple techniques and creating layered projects.

5 days: Monday, July 27 - Friday, July 31

No printmaking or glass experience necessary.


The Optimal Due: Flameworking & Kiln Casting

Dorie Guthrie

Dorie has worked at Pilchuk Glass School, the Corning Museum of Glass, Pittsburgh Glass Center and Brazee Street Studio. Using bullseye glass, students will create their ideas in glass and experiment with both flameworking and kiln casting techniques.

5 days: Monday, July 27 - Friday, July 31

Beginner to intermediate.


August Glass Workshops

Enrollment deadlines: 7/14


Venetian Cane Techniques

Scott Benefield 

Scott received his MFA from Ohio State and has taught Venetian cane techniques nationally and internationally. In 2011 he received the Lifetime Membership Award from the Glass Art Society, and in 2013 Scott was the recipient of a Queen Elizabeth Scholarship. His workshop will introduce the fundamentals of working with Venetian cane, highlighting the 500-year history and how these techniques have been applied. 

5 days: Monday, August 17 - Friday, August 21



Sculpting Borosilicate Glass

Jennifer Umphress

Jennifer apprenticed to Cesare Toffolo in Murano, Italy, and in 2009 she was awarded the Glasscraft Emergining Artist Award. A California native who first began working with glass while living in Hawaii, Jennifer's work focuses on sea life forms. This workshop will explore the fundamentals of solid borosilicate glass sculpture, learning basic sculpting skills to build a strong foundation.

5 days: Monday, August 17 - Friday, August 21

Beginner to intermediate.


Piecing It Together

Jason Chakravarty

Jason's workshop will center on translating ideas and creating finished pieces through casting glass in parts that will be cold worked and assembled in either the hot shop or with cold adhesives. Jason's

studio is based in Cincinnati, and he studied as an undergraduate at Arizona State and as a graduate student at California State University. He has taught neon and kiln casting workshops nationwide.

5 days: Monday, August 17 - Friday, August 21 

All levels.


Foundations in Glassblowing

Dean Allison

Dean is the glass coordinator at Penland School of Crafts, and he was recognized in 2013 as a Rising Star from the Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass. Dean received his BS from Illinois State and his MA from the Australian National University. This workshop is for anyone who wants to learn about hot glass and strengthen their glass blowing skills. The focus will be on gathering and manipulating glass while building knowledge and confidence to execute blown forms.

5 days: Monday, August 24 - Friday, August 28 

Beginner to intermediate.






Housing starting at $250/week ppdo at historic  <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001cB2jmFyMXm2oDp88PC1Tl9q0GogsCL56ZHdzgM26KA3ksvjgRAvBsS-rWj68rhqDpfIkXug1aBvmnyoGLwPXWHdHvwrRrrS6gMxVldomij5YMZ8lvk25lIXIp58DD9ZlaBJR6fBy1cZoL3njiCUu5zyxMpoRXpcl-YybJNygWnMFKJoAI23DSN5oDGVuQv8rJuGVAdzSu5I=&c=dZpy-QRc5_4hyEIDxcp9NtOPOlSVXpbcTJ3zEKsdRR_ShUlTXqR91A==&ch=og4w2UWUlHsfLeQuS0dJXtsGVHvSX1chtfuktWjkrL5H9GXD59iyhw==> Abraham Lincoln Hotel






Tony Patti
gaffer at glassblower.info

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