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Oliver Laric's Yuanmingyuan 3D, 2014, an installation of 3D-printed marble
columns (above)



Taking it to a new dimension

Investigating the potential of 3D printing in the art world


By Julia Halperin. Web only

Published online: 17 July 2014


How will 3D printing change the art world? The International Foundation for
Art Research (IFAR) will examine this question at an event in New York on 22
July 2014. Artists, lawyers, curators and museum directors will gather to
discuss the new technology’s potential to transform artistic production,
museum education and conservation. There will also be a live demonstration
of 3D printing.


The influence of 3D printing on visual art is growing. Recently, the
Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC, revealed that it used a 3D
printer to create an official bust of President Barack Obama. At Art Basel
last month, the Berlin-based gallery Tanya Leighton presented Yuanmingyuan
3D, 2014, an installation by Oliver Laric of 3D-printed marble columns
modelled after those from a palace outside Beijing. Earlier this year, the
Museum of Arts and Design in New York staged an exhibition devoted to
artworks created using 3D printing. Ronald Labaco, a curator at the museum,
will speak at IFAR’s event, titled “3D Printing: Infinite Possibilities and
New Challenges for the Art World”. 


The discussion will also address “the fact that the technology, which
facilitates replication, has legal implications, such as patent and
copyright infringement and, down the road, possibly also forgery and fraud”,
says Sharon Flescher, the executive director of IFAR. 


Other speakers include Barry X Ball, a sculptor who uses 3D printing in his
work, Don Undeen, the senior manager of the Media Lab at the Metropolitan
Museum of Art, and Axel Rüger, the director of the Van Gogh Museum in
Amsterdam, which recently launched a project to 3D scan and replicate
several paintings in its collection.


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