[PA-NJ Glassblowers] Senior Studio Technician employment opportunity at Bear Paw Studios in Landing, NJ

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Mon Jul 14 21:32:47 EDT 2014

Brett Williams of Bear Paw Studios (Custom Glass Art, Studio Rental &
Workshops) in Landing, NJ  asked that I post this part-time employment


http://www.bearpawstudios.net/ (see button in upper right corner for job



Senior Studio Technician


Start Date: To be arranged between July 21, 2014 - September 1, 2014


Hours: Part-Time: 30+ hours per week


Schedule: To be determined as needed with manager.  Weekend and evening
hours will be required.


Reports to: General Manager/Owners



Rate: $13.00/hour - regular employee

Additional Benefits:

Healthcare: None at this time

Dental: None at this time

Vision: None at this time

Vacation: 1 week paid, years 1&2; 2 weeks paid, years 3+

Personal: unpaid, as needed and scheduled 



Overview: Bear Paw Studios, a custom glass art studio in Landing, NJ, is
seeking a Senior Studio Technician to begin August 2014. The position is a
permanent, part-time position with no current benefits. Advancement and
increase to full-time is hoped for, however not guaranteed.  The successful
candidate will have experience supervising facilities to include the
organization, maintenance, repair, and purchase of equipment and tools;
training and supervising and assisting guest instructors; coordinating
facility use with studio renters, workshops, and studio production uses. The
candidate will also be willing to learn how to create production and unique
new art pieces for sale, display, and/or demonstration.  Experience working
with glass and other art exposure is preferred. This will be a solo support
position initially but can advance with responsibilities with growth and
creation of additional positions.


Quality service to customers and dedication to the vision and promotion of
the arts at Bear Paw Studios is required and will be considered first and



.       Oversee the technical operations of the Torchworking, Kilnworking,
and Coldworking studios. 

.       Train and supervise graduate assistants and work-study personnel and
coordinate shop monitor schedule with graduate students and faculty. 

.       Coordinate scheduling of studio use for workshops, studio rentals,
and internal studio needs.

.       Provide safety training to studio guests in the safe use of
equipment and the proper handling/storage of materials. 

.       Provide security access training to studio guests using facilities
outside normal business hours.

.       Organize and maintain inventory of tools and equipment in classroom
and shop facilities. 

.       Assist with troubleshooting and keep all tools and studio equipment
in safe working order. 

.       Assist with inventory and purchase of needed supplies, tools, and
equipment for studio and showroom operations.

.       Assisting with teaching/assisting beyond the regular workweek is
possible depending on skill levels and approval by studio manager.

.       Represent studios at events and conferences as needed.

.       Attend trainings and workshops as required by manager. May require
overnight travel.


Required Qualifications

.       Excellent organizational and communication skills, especially for
working with clients in a studio/artistic environment.

.       Knowledge of operation and maintenance of machinery - preferably
specific to industry, but general skills are acceptable.

.       Phone and computer skills essential.

.       Must be able to lift 50lbs. or more on occasional basis.

.       Ability to operate pallet truck and maneuver equipment and supplies
around studios.

.       Excellent organizational skills in keeping inventory of supplies and
neatly organize materials in studios and showroom.

.       General cleaning and maintenance of all facilities.

.       Willingness to learn skills specific to studio and showroom


Additional preferences: Experience in glass working, especially with
torches, electric kilns, sandblasting, and other cold working tools. Ability
to solve a range of unique technical problems with creative solutions is
ideal for this position. Past experience facilitating workshops and leading
technical demonstrations is desirable. Prior artistic experience preferred.
Ability to collaborate with management on production work, workshop
offerings, promoting the studio, and event coordination is a plus.

To apply send resume and e-mail of introduction to Brett at BearPawStudios.net
<mailto:Brett at BearPawStudios.net%20>  with "Studio Tech" in the subject

Tony Patti
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