[PA-NJ Glassblowers] Carlo Moretti's glass factory on Murano

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Received this as a Google Alert -- wonderful photographs of Carlo Moretti's
glass factory on Murano.




There are too many photos (58 by my count) to include all of them in this
email, but you should take a look.  


There is also a short video.  I do show 6 of the photos below so you can get
an idea of the content of the article.


carlo moretti glassblowing factory visit


designboom visits carlo moretti's glass factory in murano


[I like the next two photos: good examples of glassblowing as a "team






carlo moretti glassblowing factory designboom


carlo moretti glassblowing factory designboom


Part of the article is below, to give some context to the photos.


carlo moretti was born in murano in 1934, and he lived in venice, with his
wife bruna matteotti in an apartment overlooking the rooftops and canals
adjacent to the rialto bridge, till his sudden death, on may 30th, 2008.
after having graduated in classical studies he enrolled in law school but,
lured by the irresistible call of his own family's patrimony - murano
crystal glass - in 1958 he founded, together with his brother giovanni, the
carlo moretti firm, where he was mainly responsible for the design and
production of the firm's artifacts. during the 80s he animated the creation
of a number of consortiums on the island of murano and, in particular, the
establishment of the island's museum of contemporary glass. carlo moretti
has been acknowledged with numerous prizes and international rewards, and
has been invited to hold conferences on his work in cultural and art
institutions worldwide. he loved art, architecture, classical music and was
an insatiable reader. he spent his time taking long trips around the world,
discovering old and new museums and avant-garde designs and trends, but also
enjoyed long mountain walks. the observation of everyday facts as well as
the confrontation with different and often distant cultures are integrate
into an inspirational cue which generates unique objects. the quest for the
essential and the ability to blend his findings have become carlo moretti's
personal and professional traits. his loss, occurred in coincidence with the
company's 50th anniversary, leaves a huge blank in the most innovative
outline of glass design at an international level, as well as his personal
style, discreet and shy, in all those who have met him.


giovanni moretti was born in murano in 1940. he lived in venice with his
wife maria roberta rinaldi in a house with a view stretching out over the
northern lagoon, far into the borderline between the hinterland and the
mountain profile. after having finished his commercial studies, he joined
his brother in the founding of carlo moretti, creatively contributing to its
development and evolution through the years. within the firm he was mainly
in charge of image, marketing and external relations, but he has also
started injecting his personal and original ideas into the production of new
artifacts and their presentation on the international market thanks to
special partnerships and agreements. since carlo's death, giovanni assumed
the reins of the company exclusively, and, in developing personal projects,
he found his own language that, in the continuity of style, introduced new
elements and pushed the company into previously untapped territories, in
particularly aimed at collecting.


always engaged in enhancing the specificity of murano glass in an elevated
and highly-qualified framework - he was president of the consorzio venezia
vetro (1989-1994), promoter of the mark of origin 'vetri murano' and of the
museum of contemporary glass in murano (1985-86), and then of the showroom
murano collezioni with venini and barovier&toso - he sat as a member of
council of the chamber of commerce of venice since 2010, and in the council
of confindustria venice. moreover, as member of the organizing committee
altino, vetri di laguna, he developed cultural projects related to glass
(exhibitions and catalogs) and was coordinator of the 900 section of glass
at the glass museum of murano. he spent his free time performing scouting
expeditions in antiques markets and visiting second-hand dealers both in
italy and elsewhere in europe, drawing inspiration and fresh ideas. a lover
of good food and a connoisseur in the art of eating, he liked to share his
love for design and for the simple elegance of homeware with his friends. at
the age of 73, giovanni moretti passed-away in april 2014.


today,  antonio ceschel and manuel gomiero passionately keep the factory
alive. continuing to follow in the footsteps and  mindset of the moretti
brothers, they believe that working with other brands, designers and artists
is an excellent opportunity to enhance the value of the company on an
international level. 'I like the idea of 'putting the factory at the
disposal of our customers' to help them find the best solutions that meet
their requirements and create tailor-made and, therefore, unique projects,'
says manuel gomiero, CEO of carlo moretti.




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