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Tony Patti gaffer at glassblower.info
Sat Sep 28 12:16:11 EDT 2013

Glass and Ceramics are very closely related, glass-ceramic is the
terminology for materials sharing properties of both glasses and ceramics.

See for example http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glass-ceramic


With that in mind, I share this information about a 3D Printed Ceramic Pot,

which is from the Inside 3D Printing Conference and Expo in San Jose, held
September 17-18, 2013.




Which I first read about here


This ceramic pot printed by Sculpteo <http://www.sculpteo.com/en/> , a 3D
printing service provider, is an example of how a wide range of materials
can be used to produce objects with the technology. It also demonstrates
that various colors can be added to a piece during the printing process.
Customers of Sculpteo and other service providers upload CAD images, and the
company does the rest and ships the finished product the next day.




Make Your Own 3D Printed Vase

With Let's Create! Pottery


Always fancied taking up pottery but never got round to it? Infinite Dreams'
Let's Create! Pottery is a mobile game that lets you design your own pots
and vases - and then get them 3D printed and delivered to your door. 


Using a smartphone or tablet, users can shape their own pots from virtual
lumps of clay on a virtual potter's wheel, then decorate them in the colours
and patterns of their choice. It's probably the least messy way to make a
vase there's ever been. Once they're happy with their pots, they can order a
physical recreation to be printed and sent to them via Sculpteo - a range of
sizes are available, and the pots will be printed in Sculpteo's food-safe,
waterproof ceramic material.


Artur Starzyk of Infinite Dreams said "Thanks to this partnership with
Sculpteo, we are combining two innovative technologies - smartphone or
tablet touchscreens with 3D printing. Now users can use our application to
send unique gifts to friends or simply to decorate their own homes.
Imagination is the only limit." Arguably, there are other limits involved,
too, since Sculpteo's maximum size for ceramic objects is 400mm3, there are
also limits on the thickness of the objects' walls, and price probably comes
into the equation for most people, but in theory, this app will let you
create your own personalized ceramic pot, made to your own exact
specifications, which is kind of cool.


The app has already been downloaded over 5 million times, and over a quarter
million designs have been uploaded to the online gallery associated with it.


More info is available from Let's Create! Pottery's website
<http://www.potterygame.com/> .






You may remembering we had discussed the similar technique of

Solar-sintering of glass objects in the Sahara Desert of Egypt

in a PA-NJ email dated March 15, 2013


building up the object (additive manufacturing) one layer at a time.


More about the topic of 3D printing can be read here:

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