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Heineken LED Bottle


Heineken Launches Interactive Ignite Beer Bottle


Alcoholic beverage manufacturer Heineken has launched new beer bottle
packaging incorporating LEDs and wireless sensors to produce various
lighting effects.


The light-up Heineken beer bottle flashes when pressure's applied, such as
soundwaves or a "cheers"-type clink.


Named the Heineken Ignite bottle, the interactive drinks packaging design
was developed in just ten weeks and represents one aspect of a much wider
social science programme. This programme sees Heineken drawing on advanced
technologies to boost the social side of beer consumption.


Ignite Beer Bottle


The Heineken Ignite bottles incorporate a 3D-printed structure at its base
which houses the technology needed to light it up. Specifically, there's an
eight-bit microprocessor, eight LED lights, a battery and various other
components, all linked to a tiny circuit board. Since the LEDs point
upwards, when they're activated, there's enough illumination produced to
light up the whole bottle.


The intensity of this light peaks when the Ignite beer bottle's completely
full and it's only slightly reduced when all the contents have been


The Heineken Ignite beer bottles were unveiled during the recent Milan
Design Week event. Here, the entire 200-bottle production run was showcased
and it's not yet known whether the Ignite will enter mainstream production
or remain more of a packaging concept at this stage.


Interactive Heineken Bottle


According to Heineken's Ignite interactive beer bottle press release, the
design 'enriches social experiences...making high-tech feel fun, organic and


'The bottle can also actively respond to the music and the output of
specific audio and data cues', the company explains. 'For example, it can
detect various motion types such as cheering, drinking and sitting idle on
the bar top. The motions trigger certain light effects lighting up the
complete bottle, enhanced by the swirls of beer, carbon dioxide and oxygen.


'Next to that, the bottle lights can be remotely activated, so that each
bottle becomes an active light source controlled by specially developed VJ
software, allowing to synchronize all bottles to the music beat.'


Interactive Heineken Bottle

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