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Glassblower.Info Amazon book A History of Glassforming by Keith Cummings ISBN 0812236475A History of Glassforming
By Keith Cummings

The special qualities of glass--neither solid, nor liquid--have required glassmakers to develop special skills for transforming raw materials into finished objects.
n A History of Glassforming, Keith Cummings approaches the history of glass through the practices and techniques of those who make it.
This is a fascinating study of the nature of glass and the skills, techniques, and machines that have been developed to exploit its remarkable and mutable properties.
As Cummings demonstrates, glass has evolved from a rare and precious commodity, to a familiar tool of everyday use, to an art form prized once again.

Number of Pages: 192
Shipping Weight: 2.4

ISBN-10: 0812236475
ISBN-13: 978-0812236477

Glassblower.Info Amazon book Properties of Glass-Forming Melts by David Pye, Innocent Joseph, Angelo Montenero ISBN 1574446622Properties of Glass-Forming Melts
By David Pye, Innocent Joseph, Angelo Montenero

This publication comprises the work of leading glass scientists from six countries around the world in once concise treatment of the properties and processes involved in glass melts.
By design, all chapters combine discussions of fundamental concepts with a compilation of reliable data projected to be critical to the modeling of glass melting, fining, conditioning and forming.…
The chapter on electrical properties provides a solid foundation for understanding glass melting…and the discussion of the corrosive nature of molten glasses will be of great interest to tank designer
This is an effective reference for scientists who require data on the behavior of viscous melts and for glass technologists who apply mathematical models simulating the melting and forming processes.

Number of Pages: 512
Shipping Weight: 1.8

ISBN-10: 1574446622
ISBN-13: 978-1574446623